Malaysian Silky Straight Bundle Deal

Malaysian Silky Straight Bundle Deal

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Hair Type: 100% Human Hair Weave

Lengths: 10″ – 24″

Wefts: Machine Double Stitch

Style: Silky Straight

Weight: 100 grams / 3.5 oz – 300 grams / 10.5 oz Total

Grade: 7A

Coloring: Can lift to a #27

Bundles:  Three Per Bundle Deal

Premium Malaysian Straight Hair


Our Straight Malaysian Hair Extensions are extremely affordable and are a great quality starting at just $40.00

These extensions are 100% human hair.

If you are wondering if the hair colors great, it does! We have a large stock of the Malaysian Silky Straight here that can ship immediately. Your clients will be extremely happy that it won’t take long for them to receive their hair!

We recommend coloring up to a #27 Honey Blonde.

Matching Straight Malaysian Hair Products

If you or your clients are looking to do a full sew-in or create a wig you might also be interested in our Straight Malaysian Closure or Straight Malaysian Frontal.

The human hair matches perfectly with all the products and expects the same great quality construction.


Malaysian Straight Hair Q&A

Recently asked questions by visitors.


Q: How many 10″ bundles do I need for a full weave sew-in?

A: These are full 100-gram bundles so you would only need two.

Q: What grade is the straight Malaysian weave?

A: We consider it a 7A. The hair is 100% human and can color to a #27 honey blonde. Unbeatable for the price!

Q: What is better quality – the Malaysian or Brazilian?

A: The Brazilian straight hair is a little higher quality and can color better. The Brazilian is a little softer to the touch as well, but the Malaysian does have a nice natural feel.

Q: What lengths do you have?

The Malaysian weave is available in lengths 10″ – 24″ and these lengths are always in stock for immediat shipment.

Q: Does the Malaysian hair shed?

A: Really, all hair sheds. The double stitch wefts limit the amount of shedding. We have not had any complaints about the hair shedding more than and another type of hair. You will be happy!

Q: I want to order about 50 bundles of the Malaysian weave but need it by this weekend. Do you have enough in stock?

A: Yes! We have over 1,000 bundles of the Malaysian hair in stock with multiple shipments coming in weekly. This is a hot selling product, so we keep a large inventory of it. Contact us by email to get our bulk discount.

Q: What color is the Malaysian Hair?

A: The Malaysian hair is a natural 1B color. You can lighten or darken it as you please.

Q: I am thinking about stocking the straight Malaysian weave for my salon. Can I curl it?

A: Absolutely. The hair holds a curl, and because it is 100% human hair, it can take heat very well.

Q: Are the Malaysian hair full bundles? How many will my client need for a full sew-in?

A: The bundles are a full 100 grams. We recommend three bundles for lengths 14″ – 22″ and four bundles when installing weave longer than 24.”

Q: Do you have a matching Malaysian frontal for the straight hair bundles?

A: Yes. We have both matching frontals and closures for the straight Malaysian weave.

Q: We are doing a photo shoot with the model wearing the Malaysian straight hair extensions. How many bundles do we need?

A: If you are doing a photo shoot we would suggest using an additional bundle to make the hair appear very full. This is common with hair extension photo shoots!


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